One Year In

The lessons Ive learned are amazing. I also never knew I was such a student, so interested in knowing more - about everything. Thats one thing this new life on the ground has given me, its grounded me into figuring out what I really like. And what I like is being curious. This journey so far has been one of more self realization then I have ever in my life - given myself the chance to have. 

I had such massive expectations of this business. Not that I thought it was going to make a million dollars right away. Its never been about money. I guess it freedom on my own terms. 

the biggest thing I had on my side over the last year was friends and family. to be honest, i felt far more lonely then I ever did not lonely the last year. Its been really hard not to know a soul that understands anything about the new industry I've entered (e-commerce). But when I felt like giving up, I did turn to certain people and I just said what I needed and they helped me. Just by being there. They didn't know the solution, they knew no more about my new industry then I did. But there were there for me, helping me solve my problems. This is the profound energy of community. 

When I hit my one year anniversary with the business, I knew I wanted to say something, to express what I have seen transpire in a year. What mattered in all that was the people. The friends and family I asked to send in a pic and let me post it, they did. I'm so grateful because you are who helped spread the word to one person or another. 

This video is a very small and amateur thank you to you all.