The Journey to WanderlustStuff

I spent a full year bringing this about. And of course that seems like a long time to the average eye... A year to open a store? Why?

Here's my story:

For the first three months from the inception of WanderlustStuff, I had a totally different business model in mind (dropshipping) - and I spent those three months learning about just that. 

Then I decided I needed help from the tech community, and I was awarded a spot in this insane Accelerator Program that blew my mind for six straight months. I could barely even focus on starting the business, I was so engrossed in all the news things I was learning about business itself. The way everything was done - from methodologies to marketing - had changed TOTALLY since I was in the corporate world sixteen years ago.

But thanks to that program teaching me about the power of experimentation, I did a complete 180 on my business model and decided to inventory everything  - which immediately increased my start up costs ten-fold (gulp...) 

The Accelerator Program led me to being scholarshiped into a fast-track financial program for Canadian women entrepreneurs, and into being accepted to the Shopify 4 Startups Program where I've accelerated my ecommerce education and updated my marketing skills with new digital savvy. I've become a product selector, vendor negotiator, product description writer, quazzi web developer, photography and video editor and have learned the in's and out's of packaging and shipping. 

I've never given myself the opportunity to get an education like this. It's been a time of internal growth, self-reflection, frustration and inspiration. Frankly, I often feel too old to be doing this much learning and this much work so late in life!

But through this I've found my purpose. Shining light on products + companies doing good things in our world. Bringing messages of hope and awe about how great this planet is and all the people in it. Helping other women see the world with the products I find and sell. And behind the scenes I'm collaborating with young women in Canada and abroad who are helping me build this. Their fresh perspectives on our world and positive outlook on life are what inspire me (and keep me young!)

Its been quite the journey, I'm happy to say I've arrived at my final destination :)