She Dares to Travel Podcast: Meet Leesa Beeson | Founder of WanderlustStuff

We spent an hour chatting with Rachela Pollak of She Dares to Travel - the podcast that features women in the travel industry! Listen in here: 


Rachela Pollock|

Leesa Beeson joins us from La Cruz, Mexico who is the Owner & Founder of Wanderlust Stuff - Where she connects travel lovers with unique products from all over the world. Wanderlust Stuff is an online destination for purposeful + undiscovered travel essentials and accessories - where they aspire to hep you see the world! 

With over 25 years in marketing management experience as well as 14 years as a Flight Attendant for Westjet - Leesa has been busy to say the least. She’s worked in all aspects of marketing, publicity and production for several brand projects. She has also worked in an international capacity as Marketing Manager for a commercial development / entertainment facility in the Cayman Islands.

Her work as a flight attendant as well as personal travels have taken her all over the world and I can’t wait to dive into what travels for Leesa have been like as of late and what it’s like to go through the Flight Attendant Training courses, how she moved into an e-commerce business and of course I have to ask her what’s the strangest thing she’s seen on a flight before - yup, it’s an emotional support rooster…. !