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A relatively new product to the travel world, Rollink won the Innovation Award for best new luggage as well as the Buzz (most talked about) Award at the 2020 Travel Goods Showcase. Rollink was created by a strong group of creatives, technologists, and marketers in Israel.  

*Video consult available if you wish to see this product in more detail! Link in the FAQ section at bottom of website to book. 


Ideal for shopping when you travel. Put your Rollink in your larger suitcase - it folds down to a barely there two inches, takes up little space and weighs just over 4 pounds.

It's also great as your regular carry-on! Fold away once you check into your hotel or cruise ship stateroom - giving you more space to breathe and enjoy :). 

Lightweight yet sturdy, it will suit your carry-on travel needs. Its tough shell is made from polypropylene for long-lasting usage and offers maximum impact resistance. 


  • 21.6” x 15.7” x 15.7” x 7.9” - folds to 2" deep

  • Durable Polypropylene hard shells

  • Ultra light 2.2 kg/4.8 lbs

  • Huge storage capacity 40 liters/11 Gallons

  • Water resistant

  • Quick access side pocket for essentials

  • 2 yr warranty (does not include damage by airport / airline mishandling, environmental deterioration, neglect, wear and tear, damage caused by chemicals, etc.)

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