Travel Liquids Dispenser 4-In-1 Bottle


Tired of having to check your liquids when you're on the move? The Travel Dispenser 4-In-1 Travel Bottle is designed with modern travelers in mind.


This high quality and lightweight portable bottle is made of ABS+PP material, making it suitable for carrying all liquids, lotions, and creams. Plus, its visual window and rotation switch make sure you don't have to worry about leaks while on the move!

Now you can take this Travel Dispenser 4-In-1 Travel Bottle with you when you go on a business trip, camping, or even airplane travel – as there's no need to check in at the airport. Simply turn counterclockwise to open the top cover, remove the inner bottle and load up your liquid of choice. Label it for easy recognition, fill in the bottle with the nozzle facing outwards then rotate the selection to press out your liquid. And lastly turn after use to close the exit ready for your next use! Secure and efficient – perfect for busy travelers!


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  • high quality 
  • lightweight portable
  • made of ABS+PP material
  • visual window
  • rotation switch

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