World's Best Travel Journal "Swept Away by Wanderlust" (Australia)

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The idea of Axel & Ash was born when an 18-year old eager Swede voyager (Axel) went travelling the world wide and far but never could find the perfect journal to jot down all her memories in. She had a very clear picture in her mind of what she wanted - but the timeless piece she was looking for just didn't exist, so the idea was born to create her own. Fast forward to a late summer's night 8 years later, Axel had been inspired to write down her bucketlist and when sharing it with a friend she realized they both had #13 'start a business' on their list. With her strong love for the art of journaling, burning passion for creativity & design and endless love affair of travels, Axel realized that this was the time to fulfill the dream she'd had for a long time - to start designing chic, inspiring travel & dream journals filled with quirky writing prompts for everyone who wanted to capture their days, thoughts and memories in style! And so design & publishing house 'Axel & Ash' was born!

what it is

Beautifully bound in an earthy latte-colored cloth, this charming travel journal creates a chic vintage feel suitable for every traveller – from the stylish jetsetter to the novice explorer. With quirky questions, fun writing prompts, witty ‘To-Do’ notes, list pages to remember the favourites and a bucket list to fill out along the way, it’s the ultimate way to capture your travel memories in style!

specs + size

  • 7.9" x 8.07"

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