Van Gogh Museum Travel Umbrella | Sunflowers (Amsterdam)


The Van Gogh Museum aims to make the artistic work of Van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible. From their beautiful books to silk scarves, all were developed with his heritage in mind and each is true to his legacy. Product proceeds support the ongoing works of the museum. WanderlustStuff is proud to be one of the only Van Gogh Museums official resellers in Canada. All products come to us direct from the museum in Amsterdam.


Rainy days have never looked so pretty. This handy and foldable travel umbrella features an all-over print of Van Gogh's famously gorgeous Sunflowers painting including the sleeve. Both an essential and accessory, this fits easily into your day bag, weekender or suitcase. A MUST HAVE if you are heading over to Europe to tour and a head turner that looks stunning with everything. Wrap sleeve included. Auto re-tractable open/closing button.


  • Foldable & compact: 12.20 x1.97 inches

  • Length: 38.20 inches

  • Width: 22.44 inches

  • Height: 22.44 inches

  • Diameter: 37.40 inches

  • Weight: 342 gram

  • Material: Metal, plastic, 100% polyester fabric

  • Brand: Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam®

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