Flight FUD: Natural Travel Supplement / Drink Elixir 8 Pack



FLIGHTFŪD (pronounced "Flight Food") was created by former flight attendant Kaeli Bauman, and business and leisure travel enthusiasts, Sarah Peterson and Jamie Renney. While Kaeli worked as a flight attendant for a major airline, she noticed how her body responded to the demands of frequent flying and looked for a nutritional product which supported her body in the air. When she couldn’t find such a product, she set out to create FLIGHTFUD’s flagship product, Flight Elixir, a functional drink mix to address the 6 health effects of flying.

Want to sample Flight FUd for your next trip? Here is a 4 pack bundle! 


Flight Elixir is the frequent flyer's power move. Drink your way to your healthiest trip with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients which ensure that your body and mind receives a first class feeling every flight. Flight Elixir was designed specifically for flying and helps support against a suppressed immune system, bloating, dehydration, jet lag, poor circulation and exposure to cosmic radiation. HOW TO USE When flying, mix one travel pack into as much or as little of water as you like (flavor will be stronger in less water and subtle in more water). Shaken, not stirred. Flight Elixir is made with whole-food powders to aid in digestion and maximize bioavailability, so it's best to shake to combine.


  • One packette works fine in any water bottle no matter the size!

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