Geo Optik Wood & Cork World Map | 44" x 24"


All Country Borders + Canadian Province and USA State Borders are included. Antarctica is also included.

Wanderlust Creatures provides a canvas from which to reminisce and share your story. Like you, we enjoy sharing our adventures and leaving a positive footprint on the world we travel.

NOTE: This product is NOT eligible for free shipping due to its size/weight. There is a $35 shipping fee built into the price. It is shipped direct from the maker in Alberta, Canada.

what it is

Maps are made from sheets of 3/8" Spruce that have been cut to a 2" diameter and painted with the stain or paint of the customer's choice. A laser-cut map image is cut from 1/4' cork and applied to the wood. Each one is uniquely different given the natural grain of wood.

specs + size

  • Dimensions: 24" x 14"


  • 1 x Push Pin Travel Map

  • 10 x White Flags + Pins

  • 1 x Heart Charm + Pin

  • Packaging for Shipping

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