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Flight Elixir is the frequent flyer's power move. Drink your way to your healthiest trip with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients which ensure that your body and mind receives a first class feeling every flight. Flight Elixir was designed specifically for flying and helps support against a suppressed immune system, bloating, dehydration, jet lag, poor circulation and exposure to cosmic radiation. HOW TO USE When flying, mix one travel pack into as much or as little of water as you like (flavor will be stronger in less water and subtle in more water). Shaken, not stirred. Flight Elixir is made with whole-food powders to aid in digestion and maximize bioavailability, so it's best to shake to combine.


Make traveling easier with the Travel Belts. This chic accessory neatly secures your personal bag to your carry-on or checked luggage handle, so you can maneuver hand’s free. Turn (almost) any bag into your favorite travel bag in a cinch with the Travel belt. Secure the bag!


This is the secret to knowing where your phone is at all times, and never wearing your coffee! The Trolley Partner is a convenient add-a-pocket holder that Velcros around the trolley of your rolling bag. Simply unfold, fasten it securely around your trolley with Velcro, and slip your coffee, phone, and more into the three pockets. Experience the airport like never before: calm, collected, and caffeinated.



The FREQUENT FLIER GIFT SET comes in a kraft gift box with ribbon and gift tag.


  • Flight FUD Drink Elixer and Water Bottle Set
  • CINCHA Suitcase Belt
  • Luggage Drink Trolley 

This functional gift set is ideal for the upcoming holiday season, ready to be placed under the tree.

**All items also sold separately**



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