Green Business Impact Podcast

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of sustainable travel with Leesa Beeson, the founder of WanderlustStuff.

Leesa's passion for sustainable travel has led her to create a marketplace that connects conscious travelers with sustainable products and services.

We discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and self-care, and how Leesa navigates the demands of running a business while also taking care of herself.

Leesa shares her insights on the importance of building a community of conscious shoppers and travelers, and the positive impact that sustainable practices can have on the retail industry.

We also get a glimpse into Leesa's favorite travel destinations and how she hopes to inspire appreciation for the world through her brand.

Join us for a thought-provoking and inspiring conversation with an ecopreneur who is paving the way for sustainable travel.
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0:00 - Appreciation for the World
1:24 - WanderlustStuff Into
1:54 - How Leesa got started
3:15 - Examples of some awesome products
5:14 - Showcasing stories on the website
6:34 - The process
7:36 - Big plans
8:59 - Rome wasn’t built in a day
10:43 - it’s about the story
11:13 - Building Awareness
12:44 - Conscious shopping movement
14:02 - Can anything make this movement faster?
15:47 - Consumer expectation
16:27 - Growing a community
18:43 - Goals for the next 6 months
19:39 - What Leesa is learning: Balance
22:07 - Favorite travel destination
23:24 - How to get in touch with Leesa: see links below


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