Halloween Traditions

By Apprentice WanderlustStuff Blog Writer Patricia Badajoz

Halloween is just around the corner. Skeletons, and ghosts are taking to the streets while we all watch horror movies and eat guilt-ridden amounts of chocolate. How is this day celebrated elsewhere though? A quick read tells us a few of the ways! 



Halloween has its deep traditional origins in England from the in the Middle Age, when all the kids received a ‘soul cake’ on the day of All Hallows’ Eve. It was in the 1920's that the day started to be celebrated in the USA, and over the years started to become celebrated around the world.

However it’s not the only way to celebrate this day. In Mexico, this day is called ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ - remembering loved ones that have pasted. The countries biggest party - where food and music have a big importance. In Spain where I am from - people bring flowers to the cemetery, so it’s not a celebration day.

Romania is the perfect place to travel on this date, with the story of Count Dracula having its origin in Transylvania. At midnight locals visit the Count's castle. It’s not an old tradition here, but it is a good way to attract tourists!

One of the oldest traditions of October 31st resides in Ireland. Called Samhain, it was an important festival, marking the end of the bright half of the year and start of the dark half. In Druid tradition, Samhain celebrates the dead with a festival on October 31 and usually features a bonfire and communion with the dead. American pagans often hold music and dance celebrations called Witches' Balls in proximity to Samhain as well. 



One of the best parts of Halloween! On the Wanderlust Team, our favorite are Twix, Snickers, Hersey Kisses, and Nerds. Each country has its favorite as well. On Canada's top list are Reeses and M&M’s. Mexico has a big food tradition around Dia de Los Muertos, mainly being tamales as the most famous meal.



The last but not least - the COSTUMES! The Wanderlust Team has its own preference. Leesa, the founder of WanderlustStuff, would love “having Day of the Dead make up professionally done along with an outrageous day of the dead festival dress!”.

Collette would love a great performance as Britney Spears on 2001 MTV VMAs because she grew up with the music of his pop icon.


Trang will choose an actual character based on Netflix’s show Squid Games


Melanie prefers a traditional and sweet costume such as an angel or fairy.


And Patricia loves classic movies, so Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is perfect.