Sample Sale: The Memobottle Slim Travel Bottle w/ Silicone Sleeve Pale Coral (USA)

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**NEVER USED - PURCHASED AS A SAMPLE ONLY. This sample sale product comes with one clear bottle and one pale coral sleeve a(as shown)

15 fl oz capacity. - 10 1/2” x 3 1/6” x 1 1/5” Approx.

7 1/8” x 4 1/8” x 1 1/5” 

Memobottle has the vision to inspire a more reusable world through everyday conscious design. Every memobottle sold provides 5 months of clean water to those in need, through thier amazing partnership with  To date, they have provided over 22 million days of water, while preventing the use of an estimated 100 million single-use bottles.

The Flat Water Bottle Designed To Fit In Your Bag, memobottle was born to combat two major frustrations that their founders experienced:

1. The single-use water bottle epidemic. More than 500 billion single-use bottles are consumed and discarded every year, creating huge damage to our environment.

2. The inability to fit cylindrical water bottles in our bags.

what it is

The Slim memobottle is in a league of its own. Its uniquely slim profile allows it to comfortably slide into the most compact spaces while still keeping you hydrated. Some would say it’s art, but more importantly, the Slim memobottle remains as practical as ever. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the reusable water bottle for you.

With an elegant form and minimal appearance, the Slim memobottle will easily become part of your daily routine to stay healthy and hydrated.

The transparent exterior turns ordinary H20 into a mesmerising and playful work of art, that also encourages you to increase your daily water intake. Add a vitamin boost to every sip by placing a few blueberries or strawberries inside. Your Slim memobottle is paired with a stainless-steel lid and all encased inside premium recycled packaging; a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

The striking design and shape of our memobottles have won multiple design awards and are exclusively trademarked, so rest assured you have the authentic and original memobottle, which is crafted from the highest quality.


Silicone Sleeve: 

The SLIM Pale Coral Silicone Sleeve adds personality to your memobottle while protecting it from life’s little bumps and bruises.

With a smooth matte finish and added thermal insulation, they are the perfect example of form meets function.

The SLIM Pale Coral Silicone Sleeve fits the SLIM memobottle like a glove.

Soft and playful, the Pale Coral Silicone Sleeve transitions beautifully from active to outing. The muted tone is the perfect compliment to your outfit and accessories.

specs + size

  • Drop protection

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Non-toxic

  • 450ML Capacity

  • BPA-free plastic

  • Max temperature is 120°F

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