NEW! Imported & Hand Sewn Travel Teas | Breakfast Blend Airplane (France)


 Tea Heritage brings travel tea to life with hand-sewn tea bags and certified organic 🍃 tea leaves. 

They create a fairer, more sustainable tea industry for workers, farmers and the environment. They strongly believe in international Ethical Tea Partnership's mission and vision of a thriving, socially just and environmentally sustainable tea sector.

Tea bags are also biodegradable, made with food gauze and sewn with organic cotton yarn.

Each tea bag is delicately hand-sewn one by one in their workshop in France where they also create tea recipes.

what it is 

Flavor = Breakfast Blend / Jasmine

Ready for an 80 day trip? Looking for the original gift for a travel fan? The label design was created especially for Tea Heritage ❖ They use organic cotton yarn that does not contain chemicals, and does not rub off in boiling water. For the fabric, it is food gauze. 5 tea bags per purchase.

  • These tea bags are perfect for a moment of relaxation and sharing.
  • As beautiful as they are good!
  • Tea bags are hand sewn in their workshop in Lyon, France
  • Using organic cotton thread that does not contain chemicals and does not bleed in boiling water. For the fabric, we use food grade gauze.
  • Teas and herbal teas are organically grown.
  • 5 tea bags per purchase.

specs + size

  • 5 tea bags per purchase.

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