RetraStrap: GO Hands Free with your luggage!

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The RetraStrap - a Patented product - is the new way to travel with wheeled carry-on luggage.


Simply attach the RetraStrap to your carry-on handle, wear around your shoulder as a cross body, tip the bag and start walking hands free.

  • Use both hands to hold other items while traveling such as your phone, boarding pass, cup of coffee, children items, jacket, or other bags. Push a stroller, a wheelchair, hold on to a moving bus or
  • Besides having both hands free, the RetraStrap reduces the physical strain on your muscles and joints from constantly pulling a heavy carry-on in an awkward position and posture. Pulling the luggage with the torso using your body weight in combination with the integrated elastic makes the luggage gliding behind you feels much lighter.
  • Moreover, the RetraStrap works as an anti-theft and anti-forgetting device as it keeps the carry-on attached to your body. And, No need worry about the bag tipping over each time you stop and try to balance it in the upright position. 
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  • The RetraStrap works with most wheeled carry-on luggage types up to 30lbs (not for big check in bags because of weight distribution, shape and height).
  • It is easily adjustable in length to fit most people. the retraction mechanism makes it easy to wear and remove as well as store and keeps it off the ground and untangled.
  • The elastic reduces the tension on the torso when pulling and it keeps the bag handle stable and prevent the wobbling while walking. Maneuverability is as good as if pulled by hand, you can make 90 degree turns and maneuver between objects with no problem. 

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