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 A small Canadian maker specializing in hand-crafted wood products for travelers with a portion of their sales going to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation).  

what it is

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The very first of its kind ever created... an accurate satellite image of the world "Geo Optic" printed cork map. The Geo Optic Push Pin Travel Map is the perfect way to journal your adventures and create your bucket list.  Journal as an individual, a couple or as a family!

You can depict where you or your partner have been, where you'd like to go, or where you have been together. Share your Story and invite conversation into any room.

Each map comes with a set of 10 Flags, Pins and a Heart Charm to depict where your Home is. Choose your Flag Color. The handmade flag sets are a mixture of single and double pointed flags.

specs + size

  • Maps are made in Canada from sheets of 3/8" Spruce that have been cut to a 2" diameter and stained or painted per your color selection.

  • A laser cut map image is cut from 6mm cork and applied to the wood.

  • Using a trade secret method we have printed an accurate satellite image of the world onto your map.

  • Each wood backing is uniquely different given the natural grain of wood.

  • Hanging kit included.

  • Dimensions: 24" x 14"

All Country Borders + Canadian Province and USA State Borders are included. Antarctica is also included. 

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