Unisex BULLCAPTAIN Cow Leather Shoulder Backpack (Canada)


Designed the traditional bull logo for a well-known brand founded in 2015. Aiming for high-quality men's wallets, men's bags, and men's waist bags.

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what it is

This sling bag is made of high-quality genuine leather with a lovely and smooth texture that is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. Leather and traditional handcrafting combine to create a classic look.

specs + size

  • Material: Genuine Leather

  • Size: 9.45×5.91×2.37 inches

  • Made of Wear-resisting, waterproof genuine leather with a nice and smooth texture, really soft and comfortable to touch

  • Multiple Pockets at Various Angles

  • Removable pull buckle

  • Easy to switch left and right diagonal span

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