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Biggdesign Moods Up! Beach Bag (Turkey)



This product will be shipped direct from the supplier to you. They provide a timeline of 2 days to process the order and around 4 days for delivery. Shipping is included in the purchase of this product.

Biggdesign is a special design brand established with the power and experience of the Biggplus family. Biggdesign works offer quality products that reflect the unique gusto of Contemporary Turkish Designers and Artists. The collections presented under the Biggdesign brand consist of art, design, and quality components.

what it is

Biggdesign Moods Up! Relaxed Jute Bag is made of jute and polyester for a lightweight design perfect for summer or beach vacations. Fresh, refined details, a strong velcro band closure and a zippered inner pocket. Has enough space to carry everything you need to the beach including a zippered inner pocket to hold your personal belongings and is extremely lightweight. 

size + specs

14.4" x 15.75"

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