"Beach Day" Natural Wood Bead Locket Bracelet (Canada)


Handmade in Canada with:

  • Pure, Non-allergenic Brass from Turkey & Israel

  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals from Austria

  • Robles Wood Beads from South America

  • Pyrex glass, "Message In A Bottle" packaging from USA

  • Cotton vellum "My One Thing Is" message paper from USA

  • Thoughtfully curated, ethically built, community-driven.

  • 10-25% of every purchase goes to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression & to other isolated communities who need our love.

***This product will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Shipping times may vary***

what it is

Every One Thing locket is packaged in a real, pyrex, test tube-like message in a bottle!

Included in your package: Your One Thing Beach Day Wood Bead Locket bracelet set
1 special One Thing message from someone in the world in each locket. Just open your lockets!
3 "My One Thing" locket inserts to write your message. Use any pen to write!

Seriously cute glass test tube packaging for each locket!

specs + size

  • This bracelet is available in four sizes: 6 inches, 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches.

For Yourself:

  • The standard rule is to measure your wrist and buy the locket that is within 1 inch larger than the size of your wrist.

  • 6-inch bracelets are made uniquely for petite adult wrists!

For A Gift:

  • Wrist size is based on stature.

  • If a person is shorter than 5"5', they are either a 6 or 6.5-inch bracelet size, depending on their overall size.

  • If a person is taller than 5"5', they would be 7 or 8-inch bracelet size, depending on their overall size.

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