Christmas in Spain

By Acadium Apprentice Patricia Badajoz

Christmas is a religious party that was extended all over the world as a holiday. Family and presents are common, but every country has special traditions. In this case, WanderlustStuff wants to introduce you: The Christmas Traditions of Spain.


December 22- Lottery Day

The Christmas Lottery called ‘Sorteo de Navidad’ is one of the most important of the country. This event, which dates from 1812, has a big price of 2.3 billion euros in different prices. ‘El Gordo’ is the biggest price with a total of 400,000 euros, per ticket. This day the people watch on the tv how the students of San Ildefonso school ‘sing’ the numbers. 

December 24 & 25- Christmas 

Christmas and Christmas Eve are moments to spend with the family, it’s the moment of the year where every member of the family seat at the table. Lamb, Sea Food, Cheese, Iberian ham, and wine are some of the dishes that you can find in a Spanish house these days. For the desserts turrón, mazapán and polvorones are some sweets that you can eat only at this time of the year.

December 31- New Year Eve

In Spain, this night is called ‘Noche Vieja’ which means ‘Old Night’ because it is the moment where we leave the year and start a new one. All the family dinner together and get ready for the grapes, where all the television channels are live in ‘La Puerta del Sol’ in Madrid. The tradition is that at midnight people eat doce uvas (twelve grapes), one at each stroke of the clock. If you can finish the grapes at the same time as the clock you will have luck and happiness in the next year.

January 6- Epiphany

This is the last day of the Christmas holidays in Spain. Known as ‘Dia de Reyes’ (King’s Day) is the most special time for the kids because it’s the day that they will receive all the presents. That's different from other countries, Santa Claus is not who bring the presents to the kids. In Spain, the Three Wise Men (Tres Reyes Magos in Spanish), bring all the presents with their camels from the East following the Shooting Star. In the morning every kid find the presents under the tree, and after opening them, the typical breakfast is a sweet c ‘Roscoe de Reyes’ and a cup of hot chocolate.